Pizza Mogul Dough-Raising


Looking for fresh fundraising ideas for your school, club or organisation? Pizza Mogul is the ultimate platform for your fundraising needs, big or small.

Using the scale and convenience of the Domino’s network, Pizza Mogul gives you the power to create your own pizza menu and earn up to $4.25 in Mogul Dough every time you, or another person, orders one of your pizzas.

It’s 100% free to set up, easily accessible and allows you to ‘set and forget’ while the dough rolls in.

Your Doughraising campaigns can run all year round and in conjunction with other fundraising programs; there are no obligations, and you can cash out your Mogul Dough at any time!



Setting up your profile is quick and easy.  Get started with your program today at  or on the Pizza Mogul mobile app.  Watch the video introduction here.

Need help?  For assistance in setting up your profile, complete the Doughraising set up form below. Send your completed form to and we’ll create your profile, build your menu and get you started with tips and tools to get the word out about your Mogul Pizzas.



Tell as many people you can about your Pizza Mogul menu. Use your existing community and social networks, and encourage everyone to share with their friends and family.  This is the most effective way to drive the sales of your Mogul Pizzas.

By simply swapping their regular Domino’s pizza for one of your Mogul Pizzas they can help to raise money for a cause they care about!

Social Media – You can share your profile and your pizzas on Facebook and Twitter directly from your Mogul Profile page!  Or, consider creating your own social posts with a link to your profile and more information about how Pizza Mogul works.

Newsletters –  Get the word out about your Pizza Mogul Doughraiser in your community news forums and newsletters!  Include your Pizza Mogul account name, Pizza names and be sure to let your community know that they can search for these pizzas via the Domino’s Online menu!

Posters & Handouts – Create Pizza Mogul posters to display on your notice boards! Design your own posters or request assistance from the Doughraising team by emailing


You can expect the best results from your fundraiser by creating delicious pizzas with great recipes.  The more appealing the pizzas are, the more you will sell.

Remember, you can feature up to 25 pizzas on your Mogul menu. The more variety you can offer the more chance you have at appealing to a wide audience and growing your Mogul Dough!

A big hint here is to re-create Domino’s recipes that people know and love, or adapt a menu favourite by adding your own unique flavours.  Be sure to name your pizzas in a way that hints to the flavours but also calls out your charity or organisation.



For more information, head to, or contact the Doughraising team today at